For a unified skin tone that brings your natural beauty to light

Soft, creamy compact foundation with 12 shades for cool, neutral and warm skin tones.

  • Light to medium coverage for a perfect velvety face finish
  • Excellent blending, moisturizing and skin regeneration properties.
  • Smoothens lines, giving the skin a natural glow without drying
  • Contains antioxidants, moisturizing agents and SPF


C1 - Compact Foundation Cool FlakeC3 - Compact Foundation Cool FacetC5 - Compact foundation Cool NeedleC7 - Compact foundation Cool ColumnN1 - Compact foundation Neutral CubeN3 - Compact foundation Neutral CrystalN5 -Compact foundation Neutral PrismN7 -Compact foundation Neutral SpectrumW1 -Compact foundation Warm IcicleW3 -Compact foundation Warm StellarW5 -Compact foundation Warm SleetW7 -Compact foundation Warm Hexagon