Feathers Lash Extension Duo will add astonishing length and volume to your eyelashes in an instant! The duo consists of  LENGTHENING MASCARA and BRUSH-ON FIBRES in two separate packages. Apply BRUSH-ON FIBRES in between layers of LENGTHENING MASCARA. The tiny fibres will adhere to the mascara, giving dramatic lenth to the eyelashes.

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Apply Feathers Lash Extension Duo in three steps :

1. Apply LENGTHENING MASCARA on your eyelashes. Make up one eye at a time:

2. Apply BRUSH-ON FIBRES on the tips of the lashes while the mascara is still wet.

3. Seal the fibres by adding another layer of mascara. Repeat the procedure if you wish to achieve extreme thickness and length.

- Carefully wipe or tap off excess fibres from the brush before applying.
- For a quick and smooth application process; keep the mascara and fibre packages ready in one hand with caps. The mascara should not be dry when you apply the fibres.
- Lean you head downwards to avoid the fibres from falling into you eyes.
- Use the make-up brush included in the packages to wipe away fibres that may have fallen on the face.

BRUSH-ON FIBRES may be used if you are wearing contact lenses, but but extra care is recommended whilst applying. BRUSH-ON FIBRES can be used together with other creamy mascaras.