Perfect Eyebrows in Seconds!

Groom and shape your Eyebrows with Browstyler Eyebrow Gel Liner! Browstyler is a unique, practical product with an eyebrow brush and soft gel in the same package. The gel is waterproof and  long-lasting and the results are beautiful, natural looking eyebrows.

How to use:
Open the gel cup at the lower end of the product. Dip the brush very softly to the gel and test the color first on the back of your hand. Fill in or sweep the brush over your brows to get a more intense color and shape the brows as you prefer them. Browstyler can also be used as an eyeliner. For best results, please wash the brush regularly.

Available in colours: Dark Brown and Medium Grey Brown.

Price 12,90 Euro.
Browstyler Eyebrow Gel Liner
Browstyler Eyebrow Gel Liner